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At Greenstar Landscape (based in New Delhi), we provide services in the field of enhanced commercial and residential landscaping across India; in short, our brilliant team of professionals makes your property more valuable, lavish and aesthetic by creating inventive and customized masterpieces for your residential or commercial land.
Based in New Delhi, we offer a plethora of landscaping services and solutions to our esteemed customers.
Standing with our clients at all stages of any landscaping project, be its development, implementation or management, we at Greenstar Landscape provide means for your dream landscape to turn into reality in the most structured and feasible of ways with the help of our qualified team of more than 20 personnel and a labour force of almost 500 workers. Instead of making every corner look the same, we strive to work on the comprehensive look your landscape emits.
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Exotic Plants

Microcarpa Dragon Shape

Meet the Microcarpa Dragon, a botanical marvel at Greenstar Landscape. This exotic plant boasts glossy, dragon-like leaves, creating a stunning visual impact. Resilient and low-maintenance, it thrives in various conditions. Elevate your landscape with the Microcarpa Dragon – a symbol of unique beauty and natural elegance.

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Exotic Plants

Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) stands tall as the epitome of sophistication in landscaping. With its slender, columnar form and aromatic foliage, this evergreen imparts an elegant Mediterranean charm. Admired for its resilience and timeless appeal, the Italian Cypress is a symbol of grace that enhances any garden with its stately presence.

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Landscaping not only increases your property’s worth but also brings you closer to the tranquility and splendor of nature. With Greenstar Landscape, bringing this beautiful change to your life becomes much easier, for our expertise, experience and lasting liaison with our clients makes the process of selection, transition, delivery and sustenance of landscapes extremely comfortable.
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We also offer a diverse range of creative products along with the expert guidance of our professionals to choose or customize them and select a perfect match for you and your land.
Greenstar Lanscape Pvt Limited is able to fulfill the desires of its clients due to its quantitatively and qualitatively supreme workforce and infrastructure that have previously delivered mega projects within the stipulated time frame.
A qualified team of 20 Personnel (including national and international architects) that possess coordination skills for interface activities while dealing with PMC and clients.
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