About us

Greenstar Landscape Private Limited is one of the premier names in providing commercial landscaping across India. With our experienced team of professionals, we aim at providing exceptional results to our esteemed customers.

Landscaping puts a significant impact on increasing the worth of your property. These landscapes created at Greenstar Landscape are visual masterpieces developed with utmost care and creativity. With our several years of experience, we have maintained a long lasting relationship with our clients built on trust to deliver products with utmost quality. We understand the requirements of our clients, carry out an exhaustive research and then start with the real implementation of the plan. With a dedicated & talented pool of professionals in our team, immense care is taken to meet the standards of construction & quality at its best. Only the best products are being guaranteed by us to provide beautiful created landscape.

We relentlessly endeavor to delight our customers by providing best in class products in Landscape Engineering. The professionals religiously provide services by exploring and implementing creative ideas so as to establish enduring relationships with our valued clients. They are fiercely committed to the continuous improvement and implementation of our method.

At Greenstar Landscape, we not just develop your landscapes but makes your imagination come true!

Company Profile

Greenstar Landscape Private Limited is the name that has become popular among our clients in the domain of landscaping within very short span of time. Known for perfectionism, we Greenstar Landscape are passionate about what we do and how we do. The workforce of skilled architects has allowed us to provide a wide-array of services to our customers with the attention of better management of the site. Our project management as well as process management expertise along with methodical management has let us to provide expert services in a structured and economical way.


Greenstar Landscape Pvt. Ltd. is backed up with Plants, Shrubs, Ground covers and Exotic plants from its own nurseries that are based in Delhi (3Acres) and 30 acres plantation at nursery near Agra is regarded as one of the Largest Nurseries in India. Founded in 1994, the founders have more than two decades of experience creating an unending list of happy customers. We at Greenstar help our clients to celebrate gardening and nature in its true colours with thousands amazing live Plants; it is truly a Plant Lovers Paradise. Someone has rightly said "He Who Plants a Tree, Plants a Hope!" & we believe in living and spreading this philosophy.
Soon we are opening up in DUBAI.

Tools & Equipments

The tools and equipment that landscapers use make their work easier and faster, allowing them to perform more billable work and be more competitive and profitable. We at Greenstar use a variety of hand tools to cut, dig and gather and move natural materials such as fallen leaves and soil.
Basic hand tools: pruning shears, pruning secateurs, hedge shears, a sharp curved landscaping knife, a pruning saw and thinning scissors.
Basic digging tools: sharp spades, wide shovels and post-hole diggers.
Power equipments: bush cutters, chain saws, hedge cutters, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers.
Heavy equipments: JCB, excavators, tillers, tractors, mowers, seeders and cultivators for working with soil and turf.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the value of property by designing, building and maintaining aesthetic and supreme quality landscaping, surpassing all the expectations of our clients. We consider the mission of our company accomplished when we turn dreams into reality. We assure to serve our customers with integrity, reliability and superior services.

Our Vision

  • To be acknowledged by our clients as the finest landscaping company in our industry.
  • To maximize the value of the client’s investment by artistically approaching every landscape challenge with solutions.
  • To provide the most extensive landscaping services by exploring and implementing creative ideas.
  • To create aesthetically pleasing and economically feasible landscapes using ecological garden designs and management techniques.


Past experience of handling and successfully delivering mega size project within stipulated time frame.

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